About Us

About Us

We’re your security

Who are Vindler?

Vindler is an ethical hacking company based in Germany who specialise in cyber security services and advice. We discover security risks and help enable defences against them. We do this by simulating attacks in a controlled environment which helps to expose and highlight threats to businesses and organisations alike. We help your people defend your company.

Our goal is to help our customers to find, and then eliminate cyber security weaknesses within their organisation. We’ve helped customers all around the world to improve their security posture, from ensuring personal data is stored safely to checking that new products are robust enough for the modern demands of the internet. We help our customers daily with tasks that range from simulating cyber-attacks to verifying technical controls for compliance with legislation or regulation, such as the GDPR.

Together we can analyse your business, expose the potential threats, and help you eliminate them.

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Meet our team of experts

We are a team of dedicated security professionals. We find and eliminate IT weaknesses.
We help you improve the security of personal data storage.

Arron Finnon

Chief Technology Officer

Arron is the beating heart of Vindler GmbH. As founder and Chief Technical Officer, Arron brings with him decades of experience in the arena of information security, having not only helped businesses ranging from sole traders to global enterprises to be better protected against the dangers of being online, but also to clearly understand those threats. Coupled with his talents as a world renowned keynote speaker and seasoned trainer, when organisations want to know that their new application is internet ready, that their staff are well trained, or that their cyber security incidents are handled correctly, Arron’s is the first name that they call.

Johannes Feldmann

Managing Director

Johannes is an experienced manager with a background in sustainability and digitalization. He brings a lot of experience and knowledge regarding critical infrastructures, the telecommunications markets and has a keen interest in security questions. Johannes excels at researching and problem-solving. Clients and colleagues alike appreciate Johannes’ ability to quickly identify challenges and his hands-on mentality to solve them.He’s the one behind the scenes that lets Vindler’s ship sail smoothly.

Caroline Krohn


Caroline is one of Vindler’s founders and her DNA is pulsing throughout the company. Her honesty and integrity are core values within her, and Caroline's drive to push for ethics before profits is something cherished both within Vindler, and by her clients alike. A communicator, a mentor, a teacher, and a leader; these are just some of the many attributes that are used to describe her. Caroline's clients know that the advice she gives doesn’t just look at a digital landscape but provides a clear outlook that takes into account the bigger picture benefitting from the many avenues of her experience.

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