Your first step to better security

Your first step to better security

The first step to better security

Why choose our Security Posture Review Lite?

Taking the first steps in securing your companies data through better security measures is simple.

All you need us to do is to conduct a Security Posture Review Lite. This will enable us to find out the weaknesses and then recommend the steps you need to take to be better prepared.

Start on the path to better security.

The first step to better security

What to expect

• A scope call to assess what you would like to achieve

• A comprehensive vulnerability testing regime to expose your risks

• An in-depth, detailed security report, based on your findings

• A full de-briefing call to discuss your report

• A clear schedule for your future and ongoing security testing

"Vindler has always been an extremely reliable partner. We trust in their broad range of expertise in the area of IT security."

David Scheuermann

Degussa Bank AG

Teaching you the next steps in securing your business

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